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Satin Smooth Empty Metal Wax Pot Can with scraper bar

$10.49 $11.99
SKU: e520
  • Metal insert for melting hard wax beads and hard wax discs.


  • Durable Wax Metal Pot Can: A must-have for any pro waxing setup! Melt wax effectively with our Satin Smooth Empty Metal Pot Can. Fits all Satin smooth wax warmer.
  •  Features high-quality metal construction that gives you unmatched durability that can withstand the heat of your favorite wax warmer. Long-lasting and reliable, the perfect choice for true beauty professionals!
  • Consistent Temperature: Experience excellent temperature control with the Satin Smooth Empty Metal Pot Can. Get your wax working up to a comfortable and effective uniform heat to bring out its best qualities. Gives you even heat distribution for fast and easy hair removal waxing sessions. No more lumps!
  • Efficient Hair Removal Wax Melting: Spend more time waxing instead of watching wax melt! The Empty Metal Pot Can from Satin Smooth makes it so easy to get perfect wax consistency and temperature in no time. Get more done at the salon or in your home.
  • Easy to Clean: No mess, just clean and effortless waxing! The Satin Smooth Empty Metal Pot Can keep your hair removal waxing sessions mess-free and convenient.
  •  Features a scraper bar that gives you just the right amount of wax every time.