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Eyebrow tinting is a popular cosmetic treatment that involves temporary dyeing to create a mascara-like effect without the hassle of daily makeup application. These days, many customers opt for professional eyebrow tinting services at salons. We'll use Berrywell products from Germany. Their hair dye lasts up to 6 weeks, giving fuller brows. BerryWell is the leading brand in Europe with the highest quality in the market.











Step 1: Remove her makeup

To prepare for eyebrow tinting, ensure that, the eyebrows are clean and makeup-free. Shape them beforehand for best results.

Some clients arrive without makeup, but don't trust that they are 100% clean,
Sometimes during their arrival at the salon, they attract dust or sweat,
Always clean before starting your procedure.










Step 2: Choose the color

The first thing you need to do as an esthetician is to match the right color for your client’s eyebrows color. Berrywell has eight different colors to choose from including:



  Step 3: Design the Eyebrow according to the face


Contour the eyebrows according to their face. Remember that if these are thick you must be more careful so that, they do not lose their shape and harmony. Brush the eyebrows in the correct direction.




Step 4 : Prepare the Mixture


After choosing the right color, you need to prepare it to be applied to the eyebrows. Take a glass mixing container and pour the color into the container 1:1 (a strip of dye about 2 cm). Now take the 3% cream developer and add 10 drops to the dish along with the dye. You should take the same amount of developer and color to make the right tint. Both color and developer should be in a 50:50 ratio. mix until you get a creamy paste; this preparation should be done immediately before use.










Step 5: Apply Vaseline around the eyebrows


The next thing to do with clean eyebrows is to apply petroleum jelly around the eyebrows to avoid irritation or accidentals stain their skin, you can use any Vaseline.

Vaseline is the recommended cream that you can apply around the eyebrows.





Step 6: Apply the Mixture


The next step is to Apply the mixture on the brows using the Brow Tinting Brush. This brush will help you to apply the mixture nicely and evenly on your eyebrows If you have some of the mixture on the skin, that’s okay. You can always wipe it off with a wet cotton ball or cotton swab




Step 7: Wait


Once you are done with applying the mixture to the eyebrows, let the magic happen and wait depending on the desired intensity 10 to 15 minutes. The longer the time, the more intensive the color.





Step 8: Cleaning

After the developing time, remove the color from the eyebrows using a damp cotton wool pad. Repeat until all dye is removed, finish with a wet cotton pad make sure that there is no paste present on the eyebrows.

In case they come out too light then you can repeat the procedure. Don’t worry if it gets too dark after the second attempt.

The tint will last for up to six weeks but if you find it a bit faded you can refresh it even after three or four weeks.





Step 9: Check the eyebrows

  Check if the eyebrows require waxing to enhance their shape.

For hair removal, you can use tweezers, wax, or thread -

whichever method you prefer.



Step 10: Brush the eyebrows


Brush her eyebrows and advise her to brush daily 

She can use serum or eyebrow gel.

she doesn't have to worry about makeup.



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