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NaturaverdePro Gold Hard Wax Beads No Strip 35.27oz

$29.00 $31.50
SKU: E810-35oz-gold

Hair Removal Gold Hard Wax Beads for Delicate Areas 

Made in Italy

Experience gentle and effective hair removal with our premium hard wax beads. Formulated with Coconut oil and Propolis extract, our pliable wax adheres to hair without cracking or irritating the skin. Perfect for fine to coarse hair on sensitive areas. Melts quickly and requires only a thin layer for application: Italian-made and Dermatologist Tested.

Instructions for Use.

  • Pour beads into a metal can placed in a wax warmer and set heat to medium for approximately 30 minutes
  • After cleansing the skin,
  • apply a generous amount of Hard Wax on the skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
  • Spread quickly to create a layer and leave a tab at the bottom to use for pulling wax off. The wax dries in seconds.
  • For effective removal, firmly hold the skin and pull the tab located at the bottom in the opposite direction of hair growth, ensuring it remains as close as possible to the skin.

Be careful with wax to avoid burns. Test a small area of skin before using. Only for professionals.