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Depileve professional paraffin warmer with 6Lbs tea tree paraffin

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SKU: PB100


                  Depileve Professional Paraffin Bath Warmer

                                      (includes 6 Lbs. of tea tree paraffin)

Professional paraffin warmer with  temperature control to keep paraffin at a precise, constant temperature.


  • Extra large reservoir will hold 6 Lbs. of paraffin
  • Made from easy-clean flame-retardant ABS.
  • The precision temperature control within one degree makes it perfect for paraffin treatments that require a stabilized temperature.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Extra deep insert to allow for complete immersion of hands and feet.
  • Includes a transparent lid to keep an eye on the level of paraffin and its melting process.

    CE approved unit.