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NaturaverdePro Nourish post treatment oil | 6.8 oz

$12.99 $13.99
SKU: E851-nourish-6.8oz

This oil is designed to nourish both your face and body, while also providing relief for dry, flaky skin. It's perfect for use after waxing to help care for and remove any leftover wax, or before waxing to protect your skin and make the hair removal process more gentle. The formula is delicate and natural, made with Organic Olive oil and Jojoba oil, and infused with calming Calendula extracts. It's suitable for all skin types and has been both made in Italy and dermatologist tested.


Use as needed on skin in need of soothing care, and after waxing to remove wax residue or before waxing to protect and condition the skin. Moisten the cotton pad or tissue with oil and lightly apply it to the treated area. Follow with Soothe After Wax Lotion.


Made in Italy